Scsi VS. eide

im sure this is an easy question for some people here, but ive no clue on the differences. scsi is alot more expensive, slower speeds burning, and harder to find. eide can be found everywhere, relatively cheap (depending on brand), alot of different speed options to choose from. eide is gonna have 32x burners very soon. arent most scsi burners 12x?
would someone please explain the differences to me, and the benefits to having one from the other.
any info on this would be greatly appreciated.

I used the search and found a post for you:

are there any scsi burners that are faster than 12x. i hear such great feedback, but i got two seperate computers. one for gaming and one for everything else. thanks da-taxman for the thread.

scsi is a bit old fashoned now
useful for a server that needs 10 hard drives
not really designed for burning (made in the days before burners)
it was really for attaching many devices to a computer.
eide has beaten it in most ways now (unless u have a specialist use in mind or like to hang onto outdated equipment)

what about the usb 2.0. what the transfer rate on that one? is that gonna be the wave of the future. does usb use less cpu usage than eide? does anyone know where to find a brakdown of transfer rates? ide channels? usb, and usb 2.0, firewire,etc…
i dont mean to keep buggin, but it interests the hell outta me, ya know? :slight_smile: :eek:

Plextor now has a USB 2 burner out…check their website.

Other suggestion I would give you is visit hardware sites.
Toms Hardware, Sharkyextreme to name only 2 of trhe many out there…the links have been posted many times before so they should not be hard to find.