Scsi target error

pls help
nero returns a “scsi target error” at about 3% into a burn. My computer does not have scsi! Problems started when I upgraded (?) to win 98. My burner is a acer 4x4x32, and getting info out of acer and nero is, well, we all know how hard that is.


I think you have problems with the old Aspi-Layer integrated in Win 98.

Download a new Aspi-Layer from Adaptec.

The Aspi is easy to Install,add a Adaptec Controller in the Hardwaremanager to your System.(I know you don`t have one,but the Installer needs one) :slight_smile:

After Install of the Controller,start the new Aspi and after it tells you everything is ok,delete the Controller from your System and reboot.Thats all.

Or take a look in the Internet for the ProgramForce-Aspi it has a cracked installer.

Good luck…

also check auto-insert, this must be switched off

I agree with Kirby, but if you don’t have any SCSI host, then you don’t have to download the ASPI driver from Adaptec’s site.
Adaptec’s ASPI works only if there is any Adaptec’s SCSI host adapter installed on your system!
Go to the nero D/L page, download and install the ASPI Layer provided from Ahead.