Scsi dvd

I’ve tried the search, and yes I found some topics about it.
But I think that in the meantime there must be faster devices available

Now I have an Aopen 10/40 dvd pro (slot in)(it sucks bigtime)

I’m searching for the best and fastest scsi dvd available.

anyone a suggestion??

In general, I think both Toshiba and Pioneer? (Don’t know for sure on the Pioneer though) provide great quality in general.

If you want to use it to copy games with as well, you might want to check out the CLoneCD compatibility list, to see which one is mentioned there.

Well I have a Pioneer DVD 303S on Adaptec AHA 2940 U2W and it works very well. I suggest you buy a Pionerr or Toshiba. I think you can’t miss there.

I won’t use it to copy games.

I’m thinking of the pioneer, but I’m not sure yet.
I have an Adaptec 2930 scsi card with 2 plextors 12/10/30 and an ultraplex 40 connected to it.
On the first IDE I have 2 harddisks and on the second IDE an Acer 1208 cdwriter

I will check out both pioneer’s and toshiba’s website

thanx for the reply’s