SCSI DVD ROM rip faster than 2x?


I am searching for a SCSI DVD-ROM drive which can rip DVD Movies faster than 2x. Can someone please give me a hint for a good drive?

Thanks in advance.

Best Regards

Hi there and be welcome,

As a matter of fact, about all DVDROM drive can do this, be it SCSI or ATAPI. Problem is that a lot of DVDROM drives are locked by firmware to limit the ripspeed at 2x. By installing unofficial firmwares, these limits can be removed. Surf to to find these firmwares!

It may be hard to find a SCSI DVDROM nowadays. I doubt if there still are any brands that make SCSI DVDROMs. You could look if anybody still has drives like the Pioneer 112s (if I remember correctly) or so in stock. Chances are big that they will be expensive though… (or check eBay?).

Isn’t IDE an option for you? As a former SCSI user, I know it’s hard to let go of that superb system…