SCSI DVD Reader?


My current setup is:

IDE1 Master: Maxtor 40 GB 7200 RPM ULTRA ATA 100
IDE1 Slave: currently empty

IDE2 Master: Plextor 12/10/32A
IDE2 Slave: currently empty

My question is this: I would like to get a DVD Reader for my system. I was looking at a Tosiba SDM 1502 (IDE). I realized if I got an IDE reader, I would run into the problem of causing my hard drive to run at a lower ATA since the Toshiba runs at ATA 33 and I’m sure the Plex probably runs at either that or ATA 66. I do have IDE2 Slave open but I’ve heard burning on the fly usually works best when the reader is on a seperate chanel than the writer. Because of that, I’m thinking about getting a SCSI card and then going with a SCSI DVD Reader but had a couple questions for everyone.


  1. The Toshiba SDM 1502 was the IDE model DVD Reader I was going to buy. I am interested in being able to read a mixture of bruned things (audio cd’s, copy protected cd’s, psx games… burned by my Plex). Am I correct in saying that the SCSI version of the Toshiba should be able to do all the same things that the IDE model can?

  2. Is this even the best choice to have the reader on SCSI and the writer on IDE? I seem to remember reading that your reader should be faster than your writer (hence my choice to put the reader on SCSI rather than the Writer). Although, the fact that a Writer will only write at 10x to 24x should probably slow it down enough.


Any ideas or suggestions?


:wink: If you think you can get some trouble with your system then go out and buy an internal e-ide controller card with U-DMA 100.

The price i think are around 50 - 100 hfl .

No more Problems with slow Harddrive or trouble on second Ide with burner.

Yes a SCSI would do but why spend so much money for a new controller and a SCSI DVD-Rom.?

Think about that…


Thanks for the reply Kirby. That’s actually a great solution. However, the money that I would save by getting an internal EIDE controller card isn’t too much of an issue. Don’t get me wrong… it’s always nice to save money :smiley: but I’m willing to spend a little more to get the right solution if it’s the right solution for me. I wish I had bought the SCSI Plex when I got my writer but I didn’t :(. That would have solved my problem but that’s in the past and I can’t change that. If I do go with the scsi controller now, that would open up options for me later.

Basically, I’m not sure if the SCSI DVD reader has all the same abilities as the IDE version (Toshiba SDM 1502). I’m also unsure if it is wise to have a reader on SCSI and a burner on IDE if I will be using the reader for on-the-fly burns.

if you go scsi it’s better to make your hd or burner scsi. a dvd drive won’t enhance anything other than dvd playing. i have a plex 12/10/32a also and put my dvd drive as the slave of the plex. havn’t had any problems copying anything.

You couldn’t have copied a SD2 game for anyone else then,as the 12/10/32A can only play in the drive.I also have this drive but only use it for reading as it can’t do SD2 protection.:slight_smile:

B-lizard, do you make a lot of cd to cd copies with your setup? I do seem to remember that on-the-fly copies with a reader and writer on the same IDE chanel might cause problems but I could be wrong.

Idunno, you are correct, the plex won’t do SD2 :frowning: . I have heard of software that will allow someone to burn an SD2 disc (possibly on I have thought of upgrading my writer in the future and then I would put the 12/10/32A in my old machine. Maybe a new SCSI plex that does SD2.

I guess with that in mind, maybe I should get a SCSI adapter. I could always just get the IDE dvd and hook it up to the same IDE chanel as my writer. If there are any problems, then maybe I can just suck it up and buy that SCSI plex. :confused: