SCSI Dvd Burners/Hybrids

Wanted to know if any1 has seen any SCSI DVD burners now or on the horizon?

Are they going to become prevelant? I have seen 0 thus far.
At least not in any -R, -RW formats…

Maybe some of the hybrids in the future will be SCSI?


I don’t know one.

Is there any reason to use a SCSI dvd burner, instead of ATAPI?

Simply because I already have a nice SCSI setup.

I have a slow ass burner from when it was first released, and liked how I could burn and actually use my computer while I burned it with SCSI.

Just really wondered why/if the companies are gonna stop production on their SCSI stuff.


If you already have “a nice SCSI” setup, then I single ATAPI device won’t hurt.

I don’t know if they ever make SCSI dvd burners, but you can try an ATAPI->SCSI converter.

They stopped it because SCSI is becoming more and more senseless for optical storage devices.

Long time ago, when there was no UDMA, IDE was crap.
People who burned a lot used several writers, which is not possible with IDE. Now, one 48x writer is usually enough (or one cd writer and a dvd writer).

But with IDE getting improved more and more, SCSI doesn’t offer noticeable advantages for “home users” (unless you want to use warp speed HDDs with 15000/min).