SCSI Drive problem with INCD 43111

I have a Pioneer DVD305S (UO5S) that is SCSI atached to an AVA-2906 Adaptec Card.

Running WinXP Pro SP2. P4 2.2 780Ram.

This Drive works perfectly UNTIL I install IN-CD, after that it can’t read CDRW - DVDRW whit this drive. Also when I insert these disks they “hang” the system for 7 sec every 30 sec, until I eject the disk.

I have used Plextor DVD-ROM burner 712A and HP 200i burner while INCD is installed and they work fine.

As I said, if I install INCD the SCSI unit is partially disabled.

Any ideas on how to solve this?

Thank you.

Did the same for me and I finally gave up. From the posts and searches I’ve read alot of ppl have problems with INCD. I uninstalled mine.