SCSI Controller?



Hi Pro´s !
After LowLevelformat and installing Windows and drivers, my CD-Recorder(Teac55s) and CD(Teac532s) don´t stop blinking.
Every 3 seconds they blink, I don´t know what to do. I got a Tekram DC390 SCSI controller ! Driver already installed !

Does Anyone got this probleme before ?
Please help !

Thanx in advance !!!


Check the scsi ribbon cables inside your pc!
It sounds like a lose connector.


All cables are connected right , cd-drives work correctly, but still got the same probleme !

Thanx anyway !


Check the scsi id and the terminations. Maybe your aspi are wrong or corrupted.


This is Auto insert notification just checking the drives every few seconds.
If you don’t want them to blink just turn it off.


Thanx for all the replies !

To Black Diamond:
It was still the Auto insert notification,
i turned this off always, but this time i forgot. Never noticed that they will blink when it is in an on status.
Big Thanx to you !

P.S: It´s not the same with IDE isn´t it ?


Would not know for sure, only use SCSI.
But would think it is the same as it is caused by Windows checking the drives.