"scsi command aborted"

ok, i get this weird error message when i try to burn audio cds in nero. the drive cache the data and then… gives me this error. now, even though the error failed the drive seems to keep burning. or at least the red light is still blinking. it’s impossible to stop the drive or get the cd out. the only way to make it stop is reboot. now, i can burn data cds great. what can be the problem?

oh, and for some reason both my toshiba dvd and this assus crw 5232AS shown as scsi devices. am i missing somthing here? it doesn’t supposed to be like that right? they are ide devices no? anyway, here is my system info

athlon xp 2600
fatherboard ABIT NF7 nforce 2 cheapset all pretty much updated
s-ata wester digital 120GB HD
512 MB ram

please help gargar

What is the exact version of Nero?
Update if you have an older version.

i have the latest nero. i’m always keep myself updated. also, the my drives shows as scsi devices under control panel , system and device menager. it’s not a nero thing