SCSI CDRW on win2k

Hey peeps,

I have an adaptec 2904 SCSI card, and I have a MO Drive (internal) and a Yamaha 8824S CDRW (external) connected. The MO Drive works, and the Yamaha used to work under NT4, but now i’m running win2K its not detected…

I have tried changing the SCSI id from 1 - 6, I have also checked the CDRW is correctly terminated. I don’t have any conflicts reported in the Device manager and if I un-install the SCSI card and let win2K find it, it installs correctly and the MO works, but it still doesn’t find the Yamaha CDRW.

I have update the ASPI layer and got the most recent drivers ffrom Adaptec for the SCSI card. Still no joy.

I have run out of ideas here, so any help would be greatly appreciated…



Termination is ok on the drives?? I assume so if it worked on NT4. Is the bios finding the drive on boot up? If it is then remove the MO drive (interested to know which one you use and why?) and see if the Yammy is detected then you may have an ID conflict.

Thanx for the reply.

I have a 640MB Fujitsu, which I use for backup purposes. Disks are more expensive, but its really quick and easy to use.

As far as my problem goes, yes I think the yamaha is found during boot up (at least the lights on the front of the yamaha flash a few times), but there is no sight of it when the system is booted.

Although I have tried the yamaha at SCSI ID 1 through 6 without any change… I’ll try removing the MO and see what happens.

Its a wierd one!