SCSI Burners VS IDE ones

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As most of you already are aware, SCSI burners are becoming more and more infrequent. Most of the newer burners being produced are now all IDE.
Some of you might like this because it means it…

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hi! SCSI is good… I like this burning, your computer doesn’t slow at all. but there is another thing too I think you are not so busy that you can’t wait 20x writer writes one cd in 3-4min… So that is not problem too if your computer slows to 3-4min… But if you have SCSI controller already then I think that is good, but if you don’t have then go out and buy! Maybe you know that SCSI HD is much faster too…!

great post nila, you are absolutely right and it really sucks that there still isn`t a scsi version of the plexwriter 16 X.

Yeah thats right! :4 I’ve used scsi burners quite long till they started to build more ide drives. I hate plextor for producing more ide drives and forgetting about scsi. I have my old p3 500 next to me and its a whole scsi u2w raid system which really rocks! Its only my second pc, but comparing it to my new amd 1333 with ddr ram but the old one is still faster on harddisk stuff like harddiskrecording or writing cds and playing some real hardcore games that need a lot of speed. There is no ide harddisk on the market that spins more then 7200, cause ide is too slow for such a stuff. Okay, i get bigger harddisk cheaper as ide than as scsi, but remember, scsi requires no cpu performance, ide slows extremely when you record a disc, play mp3 files, decode some movies and surf through the web. So, go out and check an scsi drive, I hope plextor will start again producing first a scsi version and then after some months an ide. cyA!

I completely agree thst SCSI is better, altough the new softwares to prevent buffer underruns are making that difference more subtle. Another consideratiob is IDE slots. I have a CD ROM and 3 HD occuping all my IDEs. I have to use SCSI or loose one of the HD.

Let’s not forget that Quaking/CSing during writing with SCSI writers is possible, which wasn’t possible on IDE before BURNProof. Next writer will be a SCSI, fastest I can find…

Yeah, a shame Plextor stopped production of SCSI drives. That :r

got me a plex21/10/32tsi and a ultraplexmax it rocks

I agree that SCSI is better. But you guys are getting a bit paranoid about HD. There are faster SCSI HD because the companies want it that way - not because IDE is not fast enough. Let’s not forget that 10000 rpm is only about 9~10 Mbytes/s (true transfer rate). There you can find some information about SCSI as well… And her eyou can find some info on IDE: Enjoy
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Many of you have had a SCSI writer but not many invested in a SCSI harddrive so the data still has to go trew the IDE bus, making your CPU almost as busy as if it just were IDE disk/ IDE burner. You really don’t get anything ekstra if you have and IDE drive. If you people really wanna archieve results all hardware must be SCSI.

SCSI is better than IDE but the price of a SCSI hard drive is ridiculous. They can be used together without problems. SCSI’s main advantage is that you can have up to 15 devices on one interrupt. With SD2 and ATIP checking you almost need three different CD drives/burners as well as a hard drive. If you want another hard drive or tape drive as a backup, you have to use USB or FireWire if you use IDE since you can only use four devices without a special IDE card. Another problem is that SCSI devices always get along but some IDE devices do not like each other. I originally went SCSI because I had a SCSI scanner and was out of interrupts but scanners are mostly USB now.

Scsi is better in cpu utilisation, but you can’t really improve on burn time since it is limited at which speed you burn it at. (And of cause if you turn on burnproof and play max payne, than it is a different story) As for the lack of ide channels, you can get away with buying an ata controller.

I have to agree with Zyron on this. A system that is complete SCSI preforms twice as good as those that are IDE BUT you cant advocate one piece of hardware and say its the end all of system resource problems. Do forget with semi-conductor industry the way it is CPUs and RAM (any type SD, RD, etc…) is selling for pennies. The more the better. GIVE it up for dual P3’s…:g

Hmmm, the only scsi burner right now is the Yamaha 2100S 20x burner but it can’t copy sd2. Whats going on with Teac, Plextor, and TDK . Thank god for my Plextor 40x cd-rom and 8/20 burner:7

Yes , I have Plextor 12/10/32A (IDE ) and my friend have 12/10/32T (SCSI ) we did some testing - On IDE version burning x12 on slow computer (we tried 450Mhz ) is almost imposible - burning slows down to about x6-x8 actulay it all the time stopes and then resumes (thanks to burnproof ). But it does work OK on my 1.33Ghz , meanwhile SCSI one burned x12 all the time on Pentium 200 !!! And during burning on IDE I had about 100% CPU load while on SCSI it beary added 10% to the CPU load .

I had a SCSI burner and CD-rom drive in the beginning, but now i’m using the Plextor 1210a (IDE) and it runs perfectly fine! But that depends on the system it is running on. Using the new cipset 815 from intel, my computer only uses 3-5% of my resources while burning at 8x. So what i’m trying to say, is that it all depends on the architecture of your motherboards chipset. I think that we will see more great chipset like the 815 in the future and then it won’t matter what kind of burner we are using.

SCSI is great!SCSI is dead!Let give us a new king!Long live to Ide! (SCSI is better than Ide…but it’s so expensive…) :wink: by3z AllZ

I have never and will never buy an IDE burner :r or IDE DVD-ROM drive :r . SCSI is so much better :7 .

Definately right !!! I don’t have in mind to replace my good old SCSI devices for some other stuff (this include 1 PX-W124TS, 1 PX-40TS and 1 Seagate ST318275LW Ultrawide 18Gb, all on 1 Adaptec 2940UW2)… I’ve been using SCSI devices to burn for a long time, and never had to complain… Even that burn-proof thing doesn’t interest me… Buy SCSI or die…