SCSI/ATAPI command timeout error?

Did this “SCSI/ATAPI command timeout error” ever occur
to anybody here? This bothered me a lot. I use LTR-32123S,
firmware XS0X, Nero, no problem at 8x writing, but
for 16x and above always pops out this error during the process of writing and nero dies.
I even need to reboot to open the drive to get disc out.
Tried several brands of disc, TDK, Philips.

BTW, my machine is PIII 500M, 128M RAM.

Thanks a lot.

try installing OS again

Originally posted by sanjay1974

try installing OS again

your post’s arrived right on time !!! :bigsmile:

He’s probably had time to change 2 or 3 OSs by now, lol.