Scrubs Season 4 DVD won't play on pc

The dvd’s work fine in a standalone dvd player, but not on my pc. The disk shows up in explorer but no matter what player I try and use it won’t read it. With WMP 11 the dvd structure is listed but it won’t play. Also I get errors trying to rip it using both DVD Shrink and DVD Decrypter. Is this a copy protectiong thing or is my dvdrw busted?

Thanks for the help


Video Protection. Download VLC and see if you can play it with that.

I’ve tried that. It just sits there doing nothing. I just tried something new though. I went through explorere and opened the video_ts folder. From there I can play some of the .vob files fine. Some are pixelated and unviewable, and some won’t even play at all. I also tried using Media Player Classic. No luck either.

Try downloading free 21 day free trial of anydvd from and let it run if background when playing movie. I ran into this here while back.

It sounds like you’ve got Protect DVD, it job is to make sure the disk won’t run in a Windows PC.
The story is here :

And yes, AnyDVD fixes it.

i was able to decrypt scrubs season 4 using Ripit4me without any problems.
i tried disc1 with mediaplayerclassic and it plays ok.
i have a maddog dvdwriter Mad Dog MD-16XDVD9A2.

Scrubs season 4 in the UK has about every dvd protection on it that AnyDVD recognises. I managed to backup my copy using Shrink and AnyDVD without any problems though. I guess some of the protection bits are messing with the player software or your drive cannot recognise the disc.