Scripted re-encoding .mkv and .ts into .mkv slices for quad core playback



Has anyone wrote a bash or PERL or whatever script to re-encode Hi-Definition Mastroka .mkv files into slices for decent playback on a quad-core? Currently only one of my quads is 100% busy during 720 and 1080 playback. The other 3 are idle and the picture is all pixelated. It seems a daunting task due to all the possible audio/and video formats that may exist in mastroka to script a re-encode of any scenario (audio/video format) within the .mkv input file content into a 4 sliced output file. Is it possible?


Core usage is dependant upon the coding of the media player. While a quad core cpu should have plenty of power, you also need to ensure you have the latest codecs and/or a video card that can offload some of the work to the gpu.


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Do you use Windows Media Player Classic?
Right click when playing a 1080p mkv file, choose Filters --> Fddshow
Find the H.264 codec (at the very top) and change it from fddshow to disable.
Restart the player and play that file again, now it should use Cyberlink PowerDVD Decoder.

I assume you have PowerDVD 7 installed.

Fddshow is a single thread codec, that’s why your CPU only got 1 core working.
The Cyberlink codec is a multi thread codec, so it should use your CPU better and spread the load to all the four cores.