Script or something to find new hardware / sata drive)



I’ve been taking measures to quieten down my file server pc and so far it’s going well with a fanless power supply and scythe ninja heatsink the next problem is the hard drives and I’ve replaced 4 smaller drives with 1 larger 1 which has removed alot of the noise but I still have a couple of other drives that I only use once a week or so, I seen a couple of leads that convert ide to sata and support hot swap so I was thinking I could have the drives permanently connected but with a power button soldered to the power cable that I could turn on and off as needed… the problem is that when you turn on a sata drive you need to go to add remove hardware to get xp to find the drive again and the same goes for safely removing the drive before turning it off… so does anyone know of a script or a file that I could assign to a keyboard shortcut to do this for me as there won’t be a monitor attached to this machine… the other option is an ide to usb converter as windows would find the drives automatically but I don’t want to loose any usb sockets if I can avoid it as I’m planning to turn this machine into an arcade games cabinet with all the old classic controllers attached via usb



remote desktop is your friend


yeah I have UltraVNC installed but I would rather more automatic solutopn if possible