Screwed Up While Burning Backup of Rome Total War CDs

Well basically, I burned a few CDs of Rome Total War for backup, then a few months later, I lost disc 1 (still have disc 2 and 3) and bought a new comp for playing games. So at this point I’m thinking im screwed till I remember I burned the CDs as backup (using Nero I think, I’m not sure) and when I pop them in to install, it reaches a bad sector and starts flinging error messages. I guess this is because of the Safe Disc prot on CD 1 (Version 3.2), so I’m wondering if there is any way around this, or if I don’t have a chance. :rolleyes:

Anybody at all?.. :confused:

Ok, ill take that to be a “no, u have to use NoCD to illegally crack it in order to play, but we can’t tell you that cus we want to sound legal”. Thanx for the help…

It’s a quiet night for some reason…plus people here are from all different timezones, so in 12 hours or so, you may find your self with an answer. :slight_smile:

So you wouldn’t have an alternative in mind yourself, whatsoever?

Bumping the thread 3 times in 3 hours is a bit over the top. Try having a little patience in future.

To answer your question, if disc 1 is the play disc and the original is safedisc protected then you can forget about your nero “back-up” working.

If you’ve lost the original but can prove purchase, then contact the distributor as it’s usually possible to obtain a replacement at a nominal charge.

Yeah, they charge a $20 service fee. Sigh, I guess I’ll just buy the new collection with the expansions to. :frowning: