Screwed up formatting in first post of this stickied thread

I wonder how long its been since someone looked in this thread?

In any case, zaina’s first post is a mess.

That looks like it’s associated with the removal of in-post HTML support, which occurred a while back. A lot of threads/guides/etc have HTML and must be fixed manually.

Of course, getting around to manually fixing aging guides when they go unnoticed is another thing entirely. It’s been a while since I’ve last stripped HTML from a post, but it doesn’t take that long…:disagree:

Of course, I could be choosing to remember the process as taking a short amount of time, when it really took an hour or two because of the way I chose to do it back then. :eek:

Let me see what I can’t do to make a basic version of that post with proper alignments and all…

Edit: yeah, I don’t know how to make it look much better than the flat text it is now. Still working…

Edit 2: I can’t settle on a good way to fix this and retain any decent semblance of formatting.

Looks better Albert.

Thanks for fixing it.

Looks absolutely spot on to me Albert. :iagree: