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A warning to people buying from
I had ordered from them a couple of times before and everything had been OK - until I ordered 100 TY DVD+R white inkjet disks from them a couple of weeks ago.
I got the disks on time and the price wasn’t bad, but after burning the first disk I stuck it in my Canon printer, printed it, pulled it out, and guess what? They sent me the wrong kind of disks - they’re not inkjet printable, so the ink beaded up. The package was tape-wrapped so there was no info on the packaging as to what kind of disks they are, but looking at them now I can see that they have a slightly glossy surface instead of the flat surface that the injet disks have.
I figured I’d just call them up and they’d replace them right away - I was asking that they send them next-day since I have customers waiting for their disks and it was a mistake on’s part.
Not only are they refusing to send them next-day (I’d even be OK with 2nd-day), but they are also refusing to refund the $9 in postage that I paid for them to ship the wrong disks to me - that’s right - they want me to pay for their mistake.
I got one level up in their customer service department and hit a brick wall - the guy (who was very nice) told me that they don’t have any way to transfer a call to anyone higher up in the company (yeah - right) and that he’s not allowed to give out any phone numbers - my only option is to write a letter to his boss!
I’m not trying to return something because I decided I didn’t want it - they sent me the wrong product, and now they’re screwing me over - is that a good business model?
Buyers beware!

That’s why I prefer [B]retail[/B] stores.

can’t get pritable TY in US retail stores

Simply dispute the credit card charge, and order from a decent online store.


I had an problem with some Printable DVD’s I ordered from shop4tech, the printable part
was sticking to the burning surface of the disk above.

They were VERY good about a full refund but I did have to pay for return shipping but I expect that.


In the future - deal with Rima at - their customer service is very good - and others have said that they will send you a UPS prepaid label - [B]IF[/B] it was their screwup-eh!

(I personally have bought from Rima for the past two years - and they have never screwed up - so I do not have any direct experience of their return policy - if they screw up)

i bought some taiyo yuden tyg02 (dvd-r 8x) 100pack from about a couple months ago and everything went smoothly although i aint even burned a single disc yet so i cant comment on there quality although from what everyone says on here there great disc’s… my only “small” complaint about is with there standard shipping my order took exactly a week to arrive at my door (i ordered EARLY monday and it was in my hands the following monday)… so besides the slightly longer shipping time when compared to other sites like which i have had a great expierience with and i even had to return a item before (some ram chips) they ( did not screw with me at all but i did have to pay for return shipping which aint to bad since it was cheap but if it was a big shipping price i would have not been happy.

but as for’s return policy i cant comment on it since my recent order (the one i talked about above) is the first time i ordered from them and overall i give em a 4 out of 5 stars… only reason i did not give em a 5 out of 5 stars is cause of the slightly longer shipping time when compared to for about the same shipping costs (the basic shipping rate)… with if i ordered on same day (early monday) would be in my hands probably around thursday (maybe friday tops) instead of the following monday with

bottom line… i will most likely be ordering more taiyo yuden’s from in the future since they have a good reputation on these forums… although it probably wont be anytime soon since i dont burn dvd’s 24/7 like some people do on these forums and i will probably mainly be using the taiyo yuden’s for stuff i plan on keeping for a long time like family photo’s/videos etc etc.

and also… i still have some memorex 16x dvd+r’s that i bought about a year ago. but i should have checked these forums first before buying the memorex dvd’s at bestbuy as i would have probably paid the extra 6 dollars or so to get “quality” dvd’s instead of the crappy (there much better than the very cheap bottom of the barrel dvd’s though) memorex ones i have although they do seem to burn pretty good @ 8x ( nero quality score is generally around 95) and so far there good… so im using these up before i start using the taiyo yuden’s… and using the memorex ones for burning stuff for other people when they need me to burn something for them here and there.

I wish I could order from Newegg - I’ve always had good experiences with them, including returns. I’ll probably give Rima a try, though it looks like they have the same policy of not refunding shipping on returns - if they don’t screw up like supermediastore I won’t have to worry about it!
Thanks for your thoughts, everybody!

Watch out! Many places included newegg consider certain opened items non returnable such as printer cartridges and blank media. I am not saying they won’t let you return it if its defective, but it might be a possibility. A good store should at least allow you to do an even exchange for defective products. Depending on the situation, some of the larger retailers may or may not pay for the shipping charges associated with the RMA.

Always read the return policy to get a good idea what is going on. Then read reviews about the online retailer from a reputable site. I usually read the bad reviews first, especially ones that say more than so-and-so sucks. If there is a common thread or problem appearing, there might be an issue with that merchant.