Screen size


I wrote some DVD’s (my videos) using Ulead DVD MovieFactory 3 Disc Creator Trial, and they were working good and shows full video on computer DVD drive(I use PowerDVD).

But when I play them on TV with dvd player screen size enlarges and crop the video(left, right, top, bottom).

I tried both 4:3 , 16:9 formats.

Please advice.

Sounds like you have Pan & Scan turned on in Movie Factory, turn it off.

Hello ChickenMan and Mahi,

 I kind of have the same issue but I'm using TMPGEnc Dvd Author and producing files that have subtitles which are either slightly chopped off or hardly visible at all on the bottom of the screen.  I've tried changing the aspect ratios and resolution of my encodes as well as the ratio of the tv itself.  Changing it to widescreen helps a bit, but nevertheless there still seems to be part of the bottom that is missing.  Any ideas or help would be great thanks :bigsmile:

You might be looking at “overscan”, which all TV’s do to varying degrees. Computer monitors do not do this. It’s most obvious to left and right, but also top and bottom. TV’s are set this way to avoid showing the control tracks/artifacts at the edges of the picture, but often the TV is not correctly adjusted.

Hi Rdgrimes,

Wow, thanks for the fast reply :p  The tv I'm playing my dvds on is a relatively new Samsung Flat tv.  Do you think that it may try to compensate for artifacts more so than say an older projection tv?  How would I go about adjusting the settings to decrease the amount of overscan?  And if it's not a matter of overscanning, any ideas off the top of your head?   Hope to hear from you soon!

I’ve seen overscan adjusted on a CRT TV, but don’t have a clue how to do it. It will require an “authorized repair person”. I’ve found that when authoring menus on my 17.5" LCD, if I keep all content out of the outer 1" or so of the screen, it will display OK on my TV.

In some “resize modes” on my Sharp 32" WS you can adjust overscan.

Pretty well all modern tv’s use electronic adjustments for the picture settings - scan, focus, pincushion, convergence etc., unlike the “old” days when you slid the scan coils along the neck of the tube! To access these menus usually requires a specific sequence of key presses on the remote, a combination that, under normal use, would never occur.

The fact that you have to ask indicates that you’re perhaps unfamiliar with tv adjustments. My advice in that case is DON’T EVEN THINK ABOUT IT!

Even if you should manage to get the access codes, unless you know what you’re doing you can quite easily make your tv into a non-tv :eek:

(Just a little friendly advice :slight_smile: )

Hey Dik,

Well, you're right about one part, I am unfamiliar with doing a technician's job because a technician I am not :D I don't think I would go through that much trouble to fix something so miniscule as subtitle placement.  However, if it is a "normal" setting as Danne indicates, which I'll find out soon enough when I read my roommate's manual, I'll give that a shot and get another post up on the results.  Thanks though for the friendly advice!