Screen Size Vertically Compressed?

Hey All, Long time no see.

Anyway as I have brought a few new DVD’s since my last visit I thought it was time to back them up, I normally don’t bother but I thought I might as well try.

So I grabbed a DVD Movie, and used CloneDVD.

The copy went perfect. no real problem, but the when playing back on my Sony DVD players its in like widescreen but its vertically challenged, lol. I mean like in height wise its only half of the screen but its in the middle. So I have a reasonable size TV of 68cm/27inch?? but I cannot use the whole screen?

I tried several other programs with the same result, so is this all you can get with DVD backups?

Edit: Ok don’t worry, I kept searching and found my answer :slight_smile:

You mean you’ve 4:3 on your screen?

What DVD is it? It sounds like it is non anamorphic and requires to be zoomed on a widescreen TV (with the player set to 16:9) or with a 4:3 TV, the player has to be set to 4:3 Letterbox (not pan and scan).