Screen/monitor keeps on refreshing

i’m on my brothers pc, cause mines is broken :frowning:

but his monitor now has started to keep on refreshing or degausing, the power light is still on when it does this, it blinks of then comes back on again.

i’m not having a good time with PC’s just now :a


Heyyo Bj sounds like it’s time for a couple new builds complete with new LCD monitors.

I wondered why i haven’t seen you around much.

hi bob, i’ve just swaped over my niece’s LCD/TFT monitor and it’s doing the same thing, i’ve also updated the graphics card driver.

my brother is not going to be a happy bunny when comes home from his holiday :bigsmile:

it’s like a dicso in here :doh:

Only thing i can tell you is to pull the vid card out and reseat it. If it’s on the mobo then i have no idea.

Maybe need to use a can of air inside the case if it’s dirty.

since it’s my brothers PC, i’ll let him do that, but yeah, your right that sounds the right thing to do.

i should’ve thought of that myself, but my head is inside out just now