Screen jumps when playing burned DVD

I downloaded some DVDs, in particular and I used nero recode to burn the video files to both Sony and Maxell DVDs. They play fine under my computer. When I goto play them in my one DVD player, it can’t read the disk, in my other DVD player it reads the disk but in all of them the screen scrolls up really fast not allowing me to view the picture. The sound works fine for it. It’s almost like the tracking is off on an old VHS tape. Any idea’s on what is causing this, i’m assuming it’s some sort of copy protection and is there anything I can do to get around this so that they’ll play? I’m assuming that protection is to be removed in the ripping process so i’m guessing i’ll have to find another copy. Any idea’s please let me know, Thanks

[QUOTE=bbrubaker01][B]I downloaded some DVDs :disagree:

Sorry Man Cant help you with this particular problem. Check out the forum rules.

Maybe you should let the mods do the modding. Not all downloads are illegal

Do you know what frmat these are in? PAL or NTSC?

Some DVD Players can’t cope with movies that aren’t in their format, or the TV can’t.

It could also be very poor burn quality of the disks. What DVD burner are you using? Are the media +R as again some older players can’t handle these, but this can be overcome by setting the book type of the media to DVD-ROM. Further explanation may be needed on this.

Not all DVD players can play all disks. I ever lend my friend my backup copies of some movies. He couldn’t control the playing speed. Every scene run in fast motion & sometimes appear as square boxes with black borders all around. The originals work ok. But these backup copies works well with my 3 players as well as other friend’s players. Try your backups on as many players as possible before trouble shooting the software or your system.