Screen Jitter/pausing with latest clonedvd

I am having issues with Clonedvd. I have tried three movies now and all three have screen jitter and pausing. It also has artifacts on the screen like a pixelization or whatever. I try the dvd2one/Copy2DVD solution with the samne movies and they come out fine. Any ideas?


could you please describe your environment in more detail:
a) what version of CloneDVD has been used
b) do the problems show up when the files have been created on hdd or (and?) when viewing the burned images
c) what DVDs have been used


Got the same problem after installing last nforce drivers(3.13) suite WITH optional ide driver (on a7n8x). Everything went well after I reinstalled the drivers without the ide one!
Maybe could help!?

YES! I have that boardin the deluxe version!!! I did install the nforce ide drivers. So I should add/remove the nforce drivers and reinstall them without the ide driver? Is their some kind of cleaning utility or is add/remove simply enough?

yes, ignoring ide drivers would rule this! I did test these drivers on a clean xp install each time, so I don’t know if it would work with just “add/remove” !? you should try.
This is anyway a little soft that could help you:
detonator R.I.P.