Screen help

I have just bought a 19" flat pro moniter, I was just wondering how do you know if you have the right settings becuase when I had my old screen that was perfict but to small now with this new one everything looks differnet i.e buttons that were a gray colour are now more of a green colour and before my main area of MSN was a bule colore bet know its more of a green colour, I used the auto button on my screen to pick the best settings for me but I think they are crappy. Any sujestions on how to make my screen more better?


i suggest you go there:
you’ll find all you need to know, and then some…

Any more ways, you have to pay loads for that.

If you have a Nivdia card, the Nivdia control panel can do that for you “It’s called Display Optimization Wizard”.

Another thing you might want to look at is the colour temprature setting in your monitor, as these can change how all the colours are shown.

I do have one and I tried it but the settings are still bad.

Check in device manager and do double click on “monitor”. Check on your screen maker website to see if there is a specific driver for that monitor, and install it to replace the standard microsoft one.

Another test you can do is to install a different monitor on your computer (ask to a friend if you do’t have another) to see if give the same problem. It is also possible that your monitor is damaged. Or that the video card is damaged.

The screen I had before was fine, every thing look brill, just to small thats why I got this one, there is no driver needed for this screen, this screen does work fine becuase I bought it off my friend and I saw it there and the settings were fine. But not here.

I have a Samsung monitor, and I found a driver on samsung website. Actually I can’t say if there is a difference from standard microsoft drivers, but I installed it anyway :bigsmile:

The best way to check the monitor is installing it in another computer, but to exclude that your video card is not the culprit, try to install a different monitor on your computer.

I have, that same problem, it needs setting up but when ever I think it go the right settings somthing does not look right.

If you have not yet done so, find the manufacturer’s driver download for your monitor. And you might try this – FREEWARE:

Cheers, gamma1