Screen goes blank



I’m having a very strange problem with installing AnyDvd to my computer. I just recently formatted my hard drive and am in the process of reinstalling everything and I had AnyDvd trail version installed on it before with no problems, loved it in fact and was going to purchase a license for it. But, I just recently downloaded and installed version and the installation went perfect, but, when it asked me to reboot my pc I click yes and upon rebooting the Windows XP logo comes up and then the log in is supposed to come up but all I get is a completely blank screen, almost as if my monitor is turned off. The only thing I can do at this point is a hard reboot and it comes up and asks me to start windows either form Safe Mode or from a recent restore point, I click the restore point option and it loads windows perfectly but the Fox Icon is not in the system tray and when I double click on the desktop icon to load it it acts like its going to load it but doesn’t. Any help with this would be very appreciated because I love the program and don’t know how I’d get by without it. :sad:


very strange indeed.

first, boot into safe mode and uninstall anydvd from your system.

does this fix the problem?

if not, then it may have been a coincidence. if so, then try to reinstall anydvd (from a fresh download, not the setup file you already saved to your hard drive just in case).


I don’t know how this was possible, but something about AnyDvd and some recent drivers were conflicting it seems. Mainly my video driver which I find odd but I managed to fix it and its working properly now (thank God). I doubt I’ll ever really know what went wrong but now that its working I wont ever question it lol. Thanks!


i’m glad you solved your situation.

is it possible that the conflicting driver was out of date? it’s always a good idea to check to make sure your device drivers are up to dat eevery once in a while. often time the updates are issued specifically to avoid conflicts such as this!


Actually, I had just updated the video driver now that you mention it, and it could very well have been conflicting due to this. I did roll the drivers back while in safe mode and low and behold it worked. Just to mention it, my video card is the Nvidia GeForce 4 and I installed the most recent drivers for it from Nivdia’s website, after rolling the drivers back AnyDvd worked just fine. Maybe its something to look into, or be weary of at least.


Probably just a coincidence. Optical drives, generally speaking, don’t interact with video drivers. I would guess a change was maybe to the video driver, one that your card didn’t like very well.

GeForce 4 cards are pretty dated, I wouldn’t think you would need to update the drivers anymore. Changes to video drivers are mainly for the most recent hardware with an occassional change for the previous generation.

Not to say that what you experienced couldn’t have been caused by AnyDVD, it just doesn’t seem very likely.

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Very strange…

I had something that sounds very much like this problem. I had tried updating my AnyDVD, and ended up giving up when it stopped and said it couldn’t due to:

Error opening file for writing: “C:\Program Files\SlySoft\AnyDVD\AnyDialog.dll”

I had posted about this problem last night and was just waiting for some input. Anyway… when I tried bringing up my pc tonight, it got to the windows welcome screen then went black. I had to go into safe mode and restore to a previous point, and managed to somehow get my computer to boot up like normal, but it’s lagging like mad. I’m doing diagnostics now. (which includes updating my winxp, etc… hopefully this will solve matters.) :confused: