Screen driver don't work with dvd decoder

Hi friends :sad:
At first, sorry for my bad english. Im not an expert in the English language and really not in Computer problems. For short, Im a greenhorn.
And here is my problem. I work with windows 2000, ratdvd decoder, nero burner and other programs, seemed irrelevant for this thread.
If I wont to play a dvd, I become a massage. “The dvd decoder don’t works with the screen adaptor. Please make a screen driver update.” And now I’m looking for a screen driver update to give my dvd live. Has anyone an idea to give it to me and make my day happy?
Please help, and if it`s possible help in german. But anyway, I need help.

What’s the model of video adapter?

Thanks at first, for your reaction. I think you mean the graphic card, it is a VIA/S 3G UniChrome Graphics. I looked for a driver update but I can not find the right one.

DriverGuide does not have a driver for your video card. The home page of Via is here (support page):

Oh, I tried that Homepage before, but I can not install the driver correct and Idon’t find the protokoll in the explorer.

I’m pretty sure win2K has some form of update process :slight_smile:

Click start->windows update.

Select “Custom”.

On the left pane will appear a few categories.
Select Hardware, optional & check everything available.

Then click “install updates” at the top.

Thanks, but There is no new update available.

Can you open your case & find the motherboard manufacturer / model (usually printed in copper) ?

Sure. The Motherboard Name: MSI KM4AM-L (MS-6734 v2)
the “Chipsatz” North Bridge: VIA VT8378A UniChrome KM400A /
South Bridge: VIA VT8237

I can make an image of the dvd with “ratdvd” now. The preview shows me any pictures ( during decoding) but there is no way to burn it, and no way to start the video too.

this is your latest mother board drivers. It includes your VGA driver.

As bichon posted above, you will find the link to your drivers to be :wink:

:clap: Hi, a big thank you to you all. :bow:
Now, 3 times nervous breakdown, 10 trials to instal the driver above, many curses later - it works. I never mind what ever I’ve done, but I’m happy now.