Screen draw problem

I am having an issue when I use cd-dvd speed. If the window has focus, then I alt+Tab to another window, everything is fine. However, if I just click on the window behind it, that other windows does not fully redraw – parts of the cd-speed window are left. See the attachment for an example. I am at a loss on what to do here.

PNY Geforce 7600GT
Forceware 91.31 drivers
Winxp Pro SP2

Update your video card drivers & reinstall Directx.

Drivers are now up to the 91.33 beta Forceware and I installed the most current directX straight from the MS website. Still no dice.

i had problems with the 91.31 drivers with my 7900gt, im using 83.91 and am fine and dandy. Not getting the same problems you are, but i was having problems booting with both of my 7900gt’s. give the earlier drivers a try.

Are you HD’s & optical drives using UDMA?

Can you post a nero infotool log, or a M$ information log ***** BETWEEN


TAGS ***** please.

Start->Programs->Accessories->System Tools->System Information.
Start->Programs->Ahead/Nero->Toolkit->Nero Infotool.

i have the same problem - didnt find the cause yet (been a year :slight_smile: