Screen capturing software


Does anyone have any information about capturing my desktop as video (ie. screen capturing software). I want to end up with an avi file that can be imported into Adobe Premiere Pro for editing. Eventually I want to end up with a DVD tutorial that can be watched comfortably on a TV screen.

My problem is with the screen capturing part of things. When I import it into Adobe Premiere Pro it ends up looking crap. Even after I render the video and burn it as an ISO file, the resulting video is not very good quality.

Does anyone know what settings I should be using? I’m located in Europe so my Adobe Premiere Pro project is PAL DV Standard (4:3) 48Mhz.

Maybe some of you out there have used certain screen capturing programs and could recommend certain settings I could try for best results?

Any help or advice would be appreciated.

Thanks :slight_smile:

Perhaps your problem is the difference in resolution. PC screens are typically 1024 X 768 or so, PAL TV 720 X 576. If you can do your capture for this smaller area, it will look better.

Thanks for the reply.
I was thinking the same thing myself, but I’ve had no luck fo far with different setting and my end result. In fact, when I get an original avi file that I’m happy with (descent quality), the second I view it in the program monitor of Adobe Premiere Pro the quality is bad. It’s weird because the avi looks fine in the source monitor (where I edit) but it looks bad in the program monitor (what my end product “should” look like).
I think I might try to do my work on my XP computer instead of my Vista laptop to see if I can get any improvement.