Screen brightness?



Ok, basicly on my IBM x40 laptop there are a few small patches (around 2cm wide) that are very slightly brighter than the rest of the screen.

IBM says it would take them up to 20 days to return and repair this, if it is a fault at all, and it is only a few weeks old.

Is it normal for there to be slight patches that are brighter than others with TFT screens? My 17" main one doesnt seem to have this problem.

Ben :slight_smile:


Ben, it is not normal. If the Laptop is only few weeks old, make them change it for a new one.


Ok, it is only faint, but it is getting distracting, but dont you also have a x40?, and all the other TFTs I have and have seen dont have this problem. If so, I guess it is a definate hardware fault, I think legaly I dont have to piss about with 21 day repairs, I will just go back to where I bought it and get them to change it, then it is upto them to take it up with IBM.


Ben :slight_smile:


I agree take it back and dont move till they agree to change it…
I never let shops try to bully me i usually stand firm untill i get my own way and 99 out of 100 it works.
Especally in your case because as far as i know under uk law you can return it in under 28 days if you are not happy with it anyway…


Ok, my tactic seemed to work, polite, but firm, I basicly decided to take the tactic that I would just get a refund if they where not happy to replace it properly (and a refund isnt good for them, as it loses them money, replacemtnt just reduced there profit). Basicly they offered what seemed to be a “no quiblles” 14 day return service, they first told me that it was 2 weeks and 1 day, but thankfully there was a hold up and the deilvery was a day late. Anyway, they have said they will collect it tomorow and get me a new one for Tuesday. :bigsmile:

Ben :slight_smile:


Congrats, Ben!

You see, it worked. :wink:


they still havnt said if they think it is bad enough for a replacement, as i said, it is hardly noticable. anyway, they collected today, so i should know monday, and with any luck, get a replacement tuesday.

ben :slight_smile:


Ben, be very confident and strong-minded. You need a replacement, if they don’t accept it, then ask for a refund.

And be all the way consistent! No compromises!


Maybe I am just being perfectionist, but I am sure the new replacement one they sent has it also, nowhere near as badly, but still diffinatly there.

It is very faint on this one, but I am certain there is a bright patch also, can you open up a white paint document, and check that it is all exactly the same shade of white on your x40? Maybe it is normal for the x40 TFTs to have this.

Ben :slight_smile:


Sorry to hear that Ben. It’s normal to have discolored if its already been used for years but NOT on a brand new one. On the replacement, where is it located? If it’s away from the edge then it’s not normal.


No, this time its a bright “spot” about 4 inches from the top, and about 1cmx1cm.

I only just noticed it, it is, as the last one, very faint again and not everybody could see it that I showed it to, so I really dont know, I can deffinatly see it is there. Kinda pissed off the replacement had it also, I cant really get anouther replacment, as I have no doubt it will be the same.

Maybe there is something inside I can look at if I can open it without voiding the warrenty?

Ben :slight_smile:


No! There’s no way you can open it. :slight_smile:

How about another call and express your concern? IBM is supposed to be very good on this.


Ben, the new sale of goods act will protect you for a while, not the 14 days they have stated to you, a good read of them may help you.


Yeh, but it is of little use to me.

I have already established that all the x40s i am gonna be able to get will have this problem, so I really dont know, I like the x40 otherwise and there is no real alternative laptop I would prefer.

Ben :slight_smile:


A lot of people here exchanged their USD50-100 optical drives several times until they are comfortable with it. Your talking about USD 1500 or more and it’s your money! Don’t give up yet.

I feel a little bad because I recommend X40 to you, but good thing you like it. Thinkpad X41 Tablet?


I think I am gonna show my school tech guy it, see what he says, I really dont know what to do with this whole thing, maybe I can open it up and see if there is anything there rubbing on the screen inside. Maybe I am just being ultra-picky, it is a VERY SLIGHT brighness difference, but it is distracting and I am worried it will develop further. Dont feel at all bad zevia, the x40 is wonderfull, I just am having all these screen problems.

Ben :slight_smile:


Ben, don’t open it! Have it exchanged again. Don’t worry, it is normal, you are the customer.


If you open it you’ll void the warrenty. That will be their excuse.


Ok, I looked around the screen, it clearly wasnt going to be possible to open with ease. I think I will ask a few people to look at it, and if they agree it is not normal I will get yet anouther replacement.

Ben :slight_smile:


Ok, phoned them today, was firm as suggested, and it worked again, and they did exactly as I asked. What I asked for is one more replacement model, and if that has the same problem I will return it for a full refund.

If it has the same problem then it will be in 3 IBM x40 laptops then I guess it is normal for the x40, and it is just that I have very fussy eyes and most people never notice them, so I might just keep the next one anyway, but 3rd time lucky I hope.

Ben :slight_smile: