Screen blanker doesn't resume after using 9

After using (and all the previous versions of 9) the screen blanker on my Windows 7 Ultimate machine doesn’t resume.

Is there a setting in 9 that I can use to get it to resume afterwards, or is this a bug in 9?

No problem with 8 or any earlier versions.

I sent an email to DVDFab and received a reply very quickly.

I was told to completely remove the older version, clean out any remaining files, and install beta, using run as administrator both for the install and to run it.

That solved the problem and the screensaver now resumes after exiting DVDFab.

It was great to get very quick expert help right from the developer. Makes me a happy user.

(But I still like the look and feel of version 8 a lot better than the new 9.) :frowning: