Hey guys. I wanted to make a backup of Tribes 2 which I own, because It’s starting to get a lot of scratches on it. In the interest of preserving the originial, ya know? Anyway, I read the cd with the newest version of clonecd, and I used the default game cd profile, even though tribes 2 only has cd checks. I read at 4x, and when it got the region where i thought the trouble might occur becuase of the scrathes, it started fast error skip and wrote some dummy sectors. This didn’t happen for long, and the original reading resumed. I wrote it with the default game cd profile, AWS and ACL on. It worked fine, but i haven’t tested the copy yet. In the future, do you guys think it’s better to copy cd’s that have scratches on them without FES on? I think this might avoid the writing of dummy sectors and let the burner’s Mandatory error correction kick in. Just a thought. thanks.


P.s. - I used my NEC burner to read and write. It’s a good burner, and it does SD2.51 properly. Thanks again!

P4 1.5 GHZ
512 megs PC800 RDRAM
Samsung 16x DVD-ROM
NEC NR-7800A CD-RW (16/10/24)
IBM Deskstar 60 GB HD
Windows XP home

When you have a disc that’s unprotected or uses a protection that does not rely on errors, it’s best to leave FES off. Set the read retries for your drive to the maximum value when reading a scratched disc, enable ‘regenrate data sectors’ in the profile and use a low read speed. That should probably do the trick :wink: