Scratches on my newly bought media

I’m using FujiFilm -r media and I just opened a new 25 pack. I took out one dvd, burned a movie onto it and I looked at the back of the disk and there are a few scratches on it. Interesting… but I just brush it off. Then I … get a new blank DVD. Well, I looked on the back of the blank dvd and there was a scratch on it toward the outer most part of it. There were also three little marks on it that are indescribable. Is this normal for newly opened DVDs? What are these from? Will the burn and playback still be successful?

ive had a multi pack of fujifilm media, and had some that are not useable, some software, like nero, can check disk quality before writing, this might be worth a try before writing

Thanks for the suggestion. Did you happen to notice that the first few DVDs at the top of the pack were bad?

Ok, now I just opened a new batch and there are a lot of scratches on the first few and then the rest are fine… why is this happening? :confused:

Contact Fuji and ask for Made in Japan replacement media. Inspect the DVD prior to the burn. It is possible that the burner is causing the scratches.

No, it wasn’t the burner. They had scratches on them even before I put it in the burner.

I’ve had cakeboxes where the top or bottom one might be scratched, but if there are more than two scratched, I would send them back.