Scratches on dvd

i just bought a dvdfrom the mall…and when i went to put it in my ps2 i accidently put it in loose i guess and it shut on the disc and left a few scratches…it still plays perfectly fine…im just wondering if scratches can spread? also…how bad are scratches on dvds? and is it worth the time to go return it for a new one IF they let me? my parents say no its not worth the gas money becuz its not even that baad and it still works.

please get back to me thanks.

Hi tbone123 and welcome.
I don’t think this is a big deal and no…scratches won’t spread unless you continue to jam the disc in the tray…lol…sorry I couldn’t resist. Seriously, we’ve all probably done this…I know I have…it’s never caused an problem. Scratches really only matter if they cause the laser to misread. It sounds like your disc is ok.

ok thanks for getting back to me so fast…ya…no matter what a dvd will evetually get scratched anyway…mine just happened to be right away lol thanks