Scratched DVD!

Any remedies for scratched DVD’s that make DVD Decrypter stop with an error message. I use Novus plastic polish on cd’s, will it work on DVD’s. Any other suggestions? :sad:

Read my post #2 here

and parts of my post #6 here also relate to your question.

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BTW: cdf has a great “Advanced Search” feature and you can find most of your questions answered without having to wait for answers to a fresh post. You could have used keyword “scratched” or “scratch” or “scratches” in this instance.

IsoBuster is an expert, easy to use utility to do data recovery from CD and DVD. All CD and DVD formats are supported.

They have a Freeware version Located Here.

I have found, strangely, that many times when I could not get DVDDcrypter past a CRC error, I was able to make a copy of the disc with DVDShrink. Shrink just read through the error and made a copy.