Scratched cds?

playstation cds from video stores are generally scratched off there arse so bad music skips right? well if i burn them will they have skipping music or not?

probably stupid question

Depends how you read them. If they have lots of errors and you use a “skip errors” technique , your writer program might write them on your target cd-r as a bad or empty sector.

Usually your reader tries to correct the errors , so i doubt you’ll have much problems with scratched cd’s.

alright thats what i wanted to hear. funny thing though, i borrowed out about 20 different RPGs from blockbuster at one go today and i have em for a week only and when i was handing them to the counter person he was really on 2 what i was obviously gonna do with them. he kept asking me do you have a pc? do you have a burner? do you realise that there is over 200 plus hours of gameplay here? etc…

Lol , that’s nothing new.

But err… no more talking about illegal backups please ? Kinda forbidden on this forum.

well thats just a big GREY area now isnt it. people without burners always say that any copies of anything are illegal whilst people with burners always stick by there “i own the original so its not illegal” saying


note to self - no more admitting illegal copies

i hear ya , but i don’t make out the rules.

You should not be so cynical or suspicious of other’s motives. Concentrate on your problem, whatever it may be

Well, since this thread is all about illegal copying of rented psx games, I think that closing this thread is overdue. :cop: