Scratched Burns with 3520

Lately whenever I burn with my 3520, it scratches the discs. Occasionally the scratches are deep, others are small. I’ve tried blowing out the drive with compressed air, and it still scratches. I thought it might be the media I was using, Sony branded Taiyo Yudens, but after trying a different brand the same thing happened. Anybody have thoughts on what I could do to fix this?

Hope your warranty is still good. Sounds like a something has broken or come loose in the device.

Is the warranty from NEC one year? I got the drive shortly after the 3520 was released. How would I go about returning it? I purchased it from Newegg.

Contact Newegg first saying you want an RMA request. If no joy try NEC direct from their website. But Newegg is where you should RMA it (Hope your year is not up).