Scratched Audio CD, how to copy it?

I have some old audio CDs from a good few years back (about 9 years) that are really badly scratched and somehow scratched in a circular pattern that matches the disk (looks like a record almost!).

These obviously don’t play in any CD player I’ve found so I am trying to copy the contents from the ruined disks to new ones.

My other machine is currently running CloneCD and has got to 33% after about 7 minutes but doesn’t seem to be getting much further.

Can anyone reccomend some software to get the tracks from this disk and also any techniques??



Get as many drives and programs as you can.
First try EAC and rip twice every disc with its different options (C2 / no C2) and with every drive.
And use EAC -> Tools -> Compare WAVs to compare extractions.

If you see that a certain position is equal twice, then you know that’s its correct value.
Try other programs as well, Feurio, CDEx, etc.

Don’t waste your time and possibly wear your drive with hours of error recovery. Try to remove the scratches first :