'Scratchability' DVD Discs

By now, I’ve tested several discs, most of them being Ricoh fabricated (i.e. Platinum 8x, Fuji 4x), Ritek (Platinum 4x) and MCC (Verbatim 4x). What struck me, was the ease with which these discs scratch. Only the very slightest pressure (i.e. sliding them into paper sleeves of a CD wallet) will cause several scratches (very thin ones, only seen under enough light).

Whilst these discs all have an organic dye, I was under the impression that these layers would not scratch that easily (the label side is supposedly much more vulnerable to scratches - the reason why you have to put down your discs with the record layer faced down). As far as I’m concerned, CDs have a coating that does not scratch nearly as easily.

What the fuss is about? Even though the discs still read fine, the fact that they can scratch so easily makes you think twice about the longevity these discs offer (which was a hotly debated point in the first place). It leaves me no choice, other than to keep these discs tucked away in cases, minimizing the chance of scratching (as opposed to sleeves in cd wallets).

So, does anyone else have the same problem with scratches? What do the experts (i.e. Rdgrimes, OC-Freak) have to say about this? I tried searching the forums but couldn’t find anything similar.

The vulnerability most probably depends on the type of dye used. I have no idea which dye (Phthalocyanine, Cyanine etc) is associated with a mediacode.

Even though assumptions can hardly be made on media, I found it curious to see the sloppy care some discs suffer from. Take the Fujifilm RicohJPNr01 and a RicohJPNr01 from a ‘lesser’ (make that cheaper) brand, i.e. Platinum. You’d almost assume (dangerous territory) that the Fujifilm would maintain a higher quality control and care, but it surely doesn’t seem like it. The edges of the discs seem poorly finalized. The MCC02 Verbatim 4x looks much better in that respect.

I’ve so far only heard of (serious) production differences in Ritek type discs. Are there any other manufacturers which share this to that extent?

The dye type used has no impact on the “scratchability” of a disc, as it’s safely encased in layers of plastic.

Yes, I’ve noticed that the burn side of most DVD is very easy to scuff. More so than CDR. Which is partly why I always recommend storing discs only in jewel cases or spindles, never in sleeves.

The burn side has to have very specific optical qualities, which may be a factor in why materials are used that are so vunerable. I doubt this will change in any case, and as cheaper materials are developed, it may get worse.

Try the TDK Armour plated disks. We ran over one with my ute. Damn thing still played back ok. :bow:

Can’t find these ANYWHERE in the UK. :stuck_out_tongue:

You can probably order them at an ‘official dealer’.


I’m not sure how much they’ll cost, but since you’ll have to get them from an official dealer, it most probably won’t be cheap.

I’d like to buy these discs too, but unfortunately none of the dutch internet shops sell them.

Uh oh. Does this mean DVD-Rs are less durable than CD-Rs?

TDK CD-Rs are hopeless compared to their DVDs :Z

Most probably.

CDs and DVDs are constructed differently. It is true that CDs are susceptible to damage by scratching the top, but that’s not the case with DVDs. A CD is constructed with a single piece of plastic that is topped with a layer of dye and then a reflective layer. The label, if any, is placed on top of that reflective layer. Any scratch that gets to the reflective layer can ruin the media. But on a DVD, there are two layers of plastic instead of the one in a CD. The bottom layer of plastic (half the thickness of the finished DVD) is topped with dye which is then topped with a reflective layer. The second piece of plastic is then applied. The label, if any is then applied to the top of that second plastic layer. So the reflective layer in a DVD is protected by a layer of plastic half the thickness of the media. Scratches on top won’t hurt a DVD (unless deep enough to go half-way through the media). Scratches on the bottom can damage either CD or DVD. Because the DVD requires more precise aiming, one could argue that the DVD would be more susceptible to damage from scratches on the bottom, but I doubt that the plastic used in DVDs would be easier to scratch.

CDs and DVDs both use the same kind of plastic, so the susceptability to scratch should be similar in both. TDK does make a media that they contend is almost impossible to scratch. I’ve only seen them in a store one time (CompUSA). They were asking for $9.95 for a single jewel-cased media. At that price, I can burn more than 20 backups for my original using the media I normally buy (ProdiscS03, which at my last order was $40 per 100).

Anyone know who makes the dye for TDK Armour Plated DVD-R’s?

Most likely CMC Magnetics, as they were the manufacturers behind the TTG01 discs.