Scratch resistance and media?



ok if get the same result between two company lets say TY and MCC does that mean they are both have the same protection for scratchs ?

cause i just wanna know if for example verbatim cd-r worth it for the protection they have it…

any comment ?


Neither media is really designed for scratch resistance. By results are you talking about error rate scans?


Verbatim now has “Videogard” scratch-protection technology on some of their products…
If you don’t see this feature advertised on your specific discs, then they don’t have any scratch resistance technology…


yah i am talking about error …

ok so for example i found TY media and i test the errors and i got good result then i bring lets say unbranded name and i got good result also, do u recommended going with the unbranded name cause it’s alot more cheap …



What is the ATIP on this “unbranded” CD-R and how about showing us your “good results” by posting some scans? :wink:


hehe sorry dude i was just giving examples… i don’t have unbrand better than TY but some times i get some scans with Moserbaer ( which is very cheap ) 95% equal to MCC 4X which is expensive in my country ,

so i am just confused if i have to get the made in india or japanes for the price factor …


MoserBaer media is generally pretty good stuff.


Some of the Verbatim DataLife Plus CD-Rs I got here have something to the effect of “scratch resistant” on the spindles, while others don’t. Neither have “videoguard” anywhere. Both are excellent media.


Some Verbatim cd-r’s have crystal coating which is quite scratch resistant.
However TY has ceramic coated disc’s. Now if That’s ceramic coated are as cool as the old EMTEC TY disc’s then I would say TY wins.
Why well I can remove the whole ceramice coating (leaving a silver disc) of emtec media with the use of huge force and the media itself is still playable.COOL Or what.
Also Plextors Taiyo Yuden Top Layer is very nice. (thick good layer !)

Oh and I don’t like MBIL made stuff and that includes stuff with MCC atip because:
A to manny times a poor perfomance when it comes to ageing tests (Real life and accelerated ageing !)
B hardly any side coating on the sides.