Scratch Protect plastic


I’ve this one scratch protect plastic. that you can put on the cd/dvd and leave it on and the dvdplay/dvddrive reads it throught he plastic. Prevents scratches.

now i want to buy these but i can’t seem to figure out what these are called or where i can get them.


here are the pictures.

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Your question is not that clear if you are looking for the device to repair your scratched disc then you can get CD/DVD disc repair and cleaner kit from BB, CC or CompUSA.

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Here in Europe they are called:

DVD/CD d_skin Protective Disc Skin

Maybe that will help you further?

You can buy them at Wal-Mart in the U.S.

I saw those & walmart too. I didnt know they had clear plastic on them though. I thoght they just fit around the outside of the disk. I guess I didnt look close enough.

thanks alot guys. now i won’t get scratches on my dvd/cds

I found them.

Where did you find them?

As Liquidmagic mentioned you can find them in Wal-Mart in you happen to live in US.

They are called d_skins and mentioned. You can get them lots of places (I got some at work), and compusa, circuit city etc also carry them.

i bought mine from amazon. Amazon had the cheapest price. I check circuitcity, bestbuy, staples, ebay. Ebay was about 2 bucks more with shipping. I got 50 pack for 30 bucks with shipping included.

they have more here.

click used/new people selling cheaper than amazon.