Scratch proof Taiyo Yuden DVD-R?

Are there any scratch-proof DVD-Rs (such as TDK, etc) that are based on Taiyo Yudens?
I am using MXL RG03’s which are Made in Japan, but I do not think are TY’s.

I don’t know of any such media.

The TDK ScratchProof discs are not Taiyo Yudens.

No such thing as a scratch proof disc. That is all marketing BS. Scratch resistant maybe but not scratchproof and no there is no such thing among the TY line.

The closest thing to TY scratch resistant media would be Maxell Pro or BQ media made in Japan by Maxell.
Using Maxell’s Hardcoat scratch resistant technology.

I use those Maxell Pro/BQ/Plus (they are all MIJ MXL RG03) but they are not TY’s correct?
What about those Medical TDK or Verbatim’s?

Maxell MIJ discs are made by Maxell themselves, not by TY.

Absolutely true.

The TDK ScratchProof discs (that is their actual name!) are more resistant to scratches than ordinary discs, but it’s still very easy to scratch them if you want to! I have a few of these, and I use them for discs that are going to be handled by children, or when I presume they are going to be used a lot.

Verbatim has a line of VideoGard discs in the american market, but they are not available here in Europe, so I don’t have any experience with these.