Scratch Proof DVDs

Having learned so much vauable information from these forums, I thought I’d get some opinions on these new Scratch Proof DVDs. They’re Supposedly 100x more scratch resistant, 8x more resistant to fingerprints, with a 10x more anti-static property.

Has anyone tried these yet?

saw a review on them and they work great according to them. Seems they drove over it and the disk was still readable. If you plan to drive over your disks I think you should get some.

i would welcome it for regular recordable dvds not just read writes. these burnable dvds scratch so damn easy compared to pressed ones.

also what i think would be a great idea is to have some kind of spray coating kit that seals a recordable dvd and protects it from scratching…im sure the pressed dvds have some sort of protective coating. if i had the capital i definatly would look into developing and marketing it. :iagree:

Check this thing out:

(just saw an ad for them on TV)

i dont know about that…thing id worry about is wobble etc. from it… i mean even putting on dvd printed labels on the back of dvds causes issues with playback…what i want to see is a permenant solution.

They have been tested. I have read in one of my mags that they got a snader onto the top side (not the side that gets written :stuck_out_tongue: ) and it survived. Not bad. But DVDs seem to be durable anyway. Much more so than cdrs ever were. I don’t see the need for them.

The TDK DVD-R/+R media have been on the market for quite a while. They are not very popular though.

My Taiyo Yuden CD-R media burned years ago still work well. My home was once drowned in a naughty summer of 2001 while I lived and worked in Seoul. Literally thousands of CD-R disks were also in the water. I didn’t bother to clearn and dry them for years. Still, the TY media are in good condition. I mean I had to splash hot water on them and then used cloth to clean them. At least, the disks I tried worked alright, but only TY media were readable at all. The rest were simply there to add the cost for garbage which is expensive in South Korea.

Cool! Let TY advertize their discs as “water proof”. :slight_smile:

On a second thought, what can water do to a CD or DVD?
Hmm… probably they chemically degrade the surface (no way it was clean water), let bacteria live and eat up the disc and… I can’t find more. Maybe the disc physically changes its shape with the addition and removal of water like wooden product does.

Any more ideas? I don’t think the shielding is loose enough that water can penetrate into the data layer but maybe for the bad media…

Very interesting story Kenshin!
This once again proves that Taiyo Yuden is the best!

hmm i always thought my burned cds were way more durable than my dvds…the dvd surface can scratch so easily…

Water doesn’t do much to the plastic on a CD-R/DVD-R

The real danger is that water permutes into the recording dye and reflective surface, damaging or removing it.