Scratch proof DVD-RW's?

TDK make DVD’s with a DURABIN scratch proof coating that it claims to be 100 times the scratch resistance of your average writable DVD. That sounds great to me :slight_smile:

So, today i felt a need to try one of these coated disks and thought that the better option would be a DVD-RW as i could use it as a backup media and reuse it multiple times. To me it seems naturally logical to have such a coating on both DVD-RW and DVD-RAM disks :slight_smile:

As i had some trouble finding the DVD-RW scratch proof disks in retail stores i rang TDK today to find out who would stock them. To my surprise it seems that TDK (australia) does not see DVD-RW or DVD-RAM scratch proof disks as popular, they feel no one would buy them so they don’t make them :? I am astounded that TDK does not see it as useful to have DVD-RW or DVD-RAM with the scratch proof coating (and nothing in spindle packs) :?

Unfortunately the price premiums are huge and i feel out of kilter with reality ($0.40/DVD+R in spindle packs as i buy them compared to $2.50/DVD-R in packs of 5 as mentioned by TDK) so i expect that this would be more likely a reason they may not sell - they would be desired as an appropriately priced medium.

After some discussion, i felt that TDK was more interested in getting to a HD format disk as soon as possible (which had the scratch proof coating as standard) and so felt that it was not worth bothering about. Yet another reason for me to avoid this new format…

Is there any other manufacturer that sells scratch proof disks in DVD-RW (DVD-RAM) format ? How do they perform ?

Cheers, Itchione

Hi itchione, welcome to CDFreaks! :slight_smile:

In Europe, the Verbatim DVD-RAM discs have Hard Coat Protection, but DVD±RW discs don’t (except the 8cm discs).

According to the Verbatim Australia product pages, the DVD-RAM media also have Hard coat protection, but DVD±RW discs don’t.

Thanks for the heads up on Verbatim disks DrageMester :slight_smile:

Now its only to find these hard coated RAM disks which i assume are better for data backup due to the improved error correction and much higher rewrite count.

Pity that manufacturers don’t support DVD±RW hard coated disks (or even DVD+R hard coated disks at a reasonable price).

Have you had any experience with any type of hard coated disks and if so do they live up to the claims ?

Cheers, Itchione

I have tried these hard coated discs:

TDK ScratchProof 8x DVD-R
TDK ScratchProof 8x DVD+R
Verbatim Hard Coat Protection 8x DVD-R

I have tried scratching the TDK ScratchProof discs and they are much more resistant to scratches than normal media. This doesn’t mean that they are difficult to scuff or scratch, but the scuff marks and scratches are much less severe than on other media.

I haven’t tried scratching the Verbatim Hard Coat Protection disc I have burned. I’m waiting for a coaster or something like that before I test the scratch resistance.

I also have these hard coat protected discs that I haven’t burned yet, nor have I attempted to scratch them:

Verbatim 5x DVD-RAM with Hard Coat Scratch Guard
Verbatim Archival Grade 8x DVD-R with Hard Coat Scratch Guard (a.k.a. UltraLife)

I was actually sniffing around some TDK ScratchProof RWs today, but I passed 'cos they were only 4x :slight_smile:

Plus I think my bet is still on…:wink:

-RW 2X and +RW 4X TDK ScratchProofs are available here in DVD-box. Should make for good everyday TV recording discs, but I haven’t tried any.