Scratch noise when burning Mp3 discs


When I burn entire discs with mp3 albums and then play them in my Iriver slimx portable cdmp3 player I get sounds on some tracks that sound like one would scratch a vinyl disc. Mostly its just one track per album and there are maybe 10 albums on one disc. My burner is a Lite-On 40x and I use the latest version of Nero burning rom. The discs I’ve tried are all certified for 40x+ burning and are from a brand called Razorsound (supposed to be good for audio CDs) and from discplanet.
Is there some way to avoid getting this scratch sound?

The computer is a p3 500 with 256MB ram. The music is stored on a seagate baracuda 80GB drive.

This has been discssed several times already, so I’ll be brief here and refer you to our wonderful search function.

Have you tried converting the MP3 files to WAV-files first, then listened to the WAV-files to make sure you don’t hear scratches/noise?

This to determine when these noises are created, during the conversion process, or during the burning process

Da_Taxman: I’m sorry but I tried to search in the forums before I posted but I couldn’t find anything. Since I don’t really know what the phenomenon is called either I tried serachstrings like scratch noise .etc but came up empty handed therefore I started a new thread.
I would be grateful if you could give me a link to other forum posts discussing this if this has been covered since I can not seem to find the info I want.

Concerning wav.conversion I don’t see the point since the files sound fine when I play them from my hard drive so the files seem to be intact which lead me to belive that this is burner related.

Thank you in advance.

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Take a look at this thread which is near yours --> Eac

Don’t think this is really it, but might be worth reading anyway:

Maybe this one:

Originally posted by Da_Taxman
Don’t think this is really it, but might be worth reading anyway:

All in all, in both cases the same prog is mentioned which is DeGlitch

As far as I have understood deglitch is for removing clicking sounds on digital media but in my case the source (mp3 file) sounds just fine when it is played from the harddrive only when I burn it I get the corruption in the audio stream. Also the noise I get doesn’t sound like the clicks mentioned but rather it sounds like you take a vinyl and do a backspin on it thus the “scratch” sound as I describe. Anyways will try deglitch and see if it finds any inaudible errors in the my source mp3 file but I doubt it.
Maybe when I have time I can record the sound and have someone host the file so you guys could listen to what I mean.

Reload the burned Mp3s from the CD to your computer to see if the problem is inside them. I bet they are fine.

Are the problems repeatable i.e. when you hear a scratch, is it still there when you seek backwards and replay he same part ?

I think the problem is rather in the Cd reading than in the burning. Maybe when the player is moved, some data are misread, and you hear it later, after it went through the audio buffer.