! Scrammbled Subs / AVI Freeze


I just got a Philips DVP5140/37. The other night I was watching an AVI on a CDRW and fell asleep near the end. I rewound a bit and began watching the last 30 or so minutes again. A few minutes later, the player froze, that is, it got stuck on a frame, and emitted a loud, constant tone. It would not respond to the remote or even buttons on the device itself. I had to resort to unplugging it to get it to stop.

I should point out that it obviously managed to read and decode that part of the video the first time around so it is probably not a bad disc or corrupt video file. I also managed to watch it after plugging it back in.

Any ideas what happened? anyone else ever see this? and do you think it may have harmed the player? (I just got it so I have time to exchange it.)

Also, something else that I’ve noticed with this player (and the 5140 I tried a month or two ago) is that occasionally, the subtitles (on any given DVD) will (or rather may or may not) suddenly scramble, by which I mean that some of the lines in it (just the sub, not the video itself) will shift out of place, often to the far right of the screen (sort of like a “split/cracked/schizo” vfx). It is still readable, but it is nevertheless messed up. What’s more is that if I rewind and view that shot again, the subs will display fine.

Again, any ideas about this or anyone else see it?

For the record, my player’s firmware is the latest:

Region Code: 1

Thanks a lot.