Scrambled MP3



Can FTP Downloads get corrupted?

Because ive just listened to a load of downloads from FTP i got about 2 yrs ago and the mp3 is scrrambled with my other mp3 sounds in the tune?

Yeah is there a way i could find out its an issue with the mp3 and not just a bad download off someone else??

Would sslecting it by name or modified let me know if theres any near it that are affected or any mp3 checking software??


so yeah does anyone know??


FTP files can get corrupted either on their way to the server or when downloading from it. However in my own experience, it’s more likely the original RIP of the MP3 track was encoded badly.

Easiest solution is to grab the offending track from one of the P2P clients. Shouldn’t take too long for a single track :wink:


Can theybe scraambled form other mp3s on my pc?
beccause thats all i can hear thru the mp3 really, sounds of my other mp3s


It’s possible that a dodgy media player could corrupt a MP3, but I have never heard of it.
Try to play it on another program and see if you get the same results.

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I heard quite a few stories several years ago about MP3’s getting mixed together like this. I’m sorry but I don’t remember what caused it. All that comes to my mind now is that it may be a virus.


If i get rid of the virus will it s0olve the issue?