Scrached DVD

My original Terminator3 DVD is scrached, and it makes small pauses when playing the movie in the standalone DVD Player. I didn’t make a backup :sad: , and now my computer’s dvd drive (NEC 2500A) can’t read the last VOB.
Is there any way to recover this dvd?
Fabio Augusto

That is unlikely. :frowning:

If the data layer is still intact (which is not probable,) it might be possible to resurface the disc, but this will cost more than a new copy.

If you just bought the DVD, you might be able to abuse the store’s return policy and get a new one.

I’ve tried the following with some success. Clean the DVD with furniture polish and a soft cloth. Rub from the
center of the disc to the outside edge. Not in circles. Make sure you remove all polish. I had a really scratched copy of a movie that my DVD burner wouldn’t read, and after I did this, it read it, and I was able to burn a new copy.

You can grind and buffer the disk down with one of those repairing devices, this would make the disk work enough to copy it… But for what this would cost it would be cheaper just to buy a new disk…

Find other ways of buffering the disk, make sure it is a soft enough cloth that it is not actually putting more scratches on.

try creating an iso image of the dvd with dvd decrypter set to the following options

try lowering the read speed to.