Scrabble, anyone?

Times New Roman7Navy

Just loaded a Scrabble 2007 CD for my 2 pc’s at home, and one at work. It must have the original CD on it to start the game; Pain in the rear… Tried to make a copy of the CD but it’s protected by Securom. Any way to get around this? Thanks, ahead of time.

Think this thread might do better in the “DVD & DVD Copy Protection” forum…welcome to CDF BTW :slight_smile:

You need one original for every PC.

You need to check the licensing for the game. If it explicitly states that it can only be installed on one machine at a time, then you are out of luck.
You might be lucky & it says can only be used on one machine at any time.

At any rate, you can dump the CD to an image using alcohol or the blindsuite & then mount the image with daemon tools for use on any machine. Be aware that many games “call home” so if it is used simulataneously on multiple machines, your installation code can be blocked, and all installations be deactivated (aka unusable).

Thanks, very much. I thought that was how it would turn out!