Scrabble 2005

I’ve just bought scrabble 2005 but it won’t run as it is telling me to disable cd/dvd emulation programs as it has detected them.

I don’t want to copy it just play it.

Any ideas?

Hi and be welcome!

I guess you have a program installed that it doesn’t allow to be installed on your system. Do you have a program like Deamon-tools or Alchohol virtualdrive installed?

i’m afraid i haven’t…could it be anything to do with having power dvd?I do have nero and dvd shrink

I know this fix is for FarCry but its generic one at that. As we don’t know what it is being protected by try this aswell, but saying that from that error meg it looks like SafeDisc 3.2/4.0. Also it may be worth patching it, may help. Good luck!


thanks i’ll give it a try

took clone cd off and it works, thanks for your help. I’m glad it wasn’t nero as i don’t relly use clone anyway.
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Ah glad to hear you got it working. By the way, if you want to still use CloneCD download the new version. The blacklisting that stoping the game running has been fixed. If you have any Q’s ask away!