Scouting with the MPAA

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Well it’s seems the MPAA has sponsored the Boy Scouts of Hong Kong for Copyright Enlightenment classes. They appear to be teaching the Scouts that keeping the price of CD’s…

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hmm remonds me of the hitler youth campaign get em young and keep em keen next there will be chips implanted at birth wich will echo the words thoughshalt not pirate this product triggered when you put a movie or music disc in a player ah well we willl c

Scouting authorities have also stated this award will be closely followed by the LASP merit badge (Lag A Suspected Pirate) and the DIAF award (Dob In A Filesharer)…sheeesh, what ever happened to helping old ladies across the street?..:X

…and starting a fire with two sticks? :+

That is just sick. CORRSA’s comparison to Nazi Germany isn’t far off. Of all the moral lessons we need to be teaching children, respecting copyright laws comes in a close last. :r

Nice comment by “Was he suitably compensated for his brainwave, we wonder?” LOL! :B

I do so love the Orwellian implications of this… “Let’s breed an entire generation of snitches!”

It sure would make prosecution easier. If the parents or siblings fire up P2P to grab a few songs, the scout kid is taught to rat them out. If the scout kid does it, they can use the merit badge as evidence against him in court. There’s really no upside to getting this merit badge for the kid or the family.

Absolutely SHAMEFUL MPAA. Tell me how knowledge of copyright laws will help a scout lost in the middle of a forrest? Last time i heard scouts was all about fun and learning to survive and help others, not being sponsored spy’s to catch filesharers. This is another BS attempt to brainwash the youth of today into thinking it’s the ‘hip’ thing to hate filesharing and im appauled that the scouts assaciation would steep so low that they needed to create a new and useless ‘badge’ that will not help the kid in any way unless they become an intellectual property lawyer, which is very unlikely. Not only that, but scout kids will be subjected to instant suspicion, bullied and picked on all because the Scouts Association decided to sell out to the highest bidder. What next? Anti-copyright messages in cartoons and printed on happy meals? I wouldnt put it past them now. Pfft.

Dude, don;t give them any ideas…next thing you know Wally The Weasel will be a McDonaldland character haha

Is it true tinku wanted to join up for this because he thought it meant he could go camping with his evil monkey-handlers?